Want to sell?

When you are ready to sell your shared ownership home this is known as a resale. 

The first step is to download our guide to Resales and contact us, and we can guide you through the process. 

If you own 100% of your property you only need to let us know when you have a buyer. 

The Stages in Selling:

Step 1 – Contact Your ReSI Home 

Step 2 – Valuation 
Obtain a valuation from a RICS surveyor to set the sales price of your home with your landlord. 

Step 3 – Find a sales agent 
You can use our recommended re-sales agent MTV SO Resi or use an agent of your choice. 

Step 4 – Buyer found – Affordability Assessment 
Once you have a buyer, they will need to provide an acceptable Affordability Assessment to ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria for shared ownership and the landlord. 

Step 5 – Appoint a solicitor  
When your buyer is approved all parties will instruct solicitors and the Memorandum of Sale (MOS) will be issued. 

Step 6 – Legal and Completion 
Solicitors will liaise with each other to complete legal aspects. 
A completion date will be agreed, and the details and arrangements around key collection and handover will be arranged.