Energy performance

All newly built dwellings or dwellings developed by Your ReSI Home will have a minimum EPC rating of B or above. As a comparison, the minimum EPC for rented domestic and non- domestic properties in England and Wales is an E rating.

Hence, this requirement for Your ReSI Home’s properties goes beyond current requirements and protects against future changes as it is expected that the minimum EPC will be increased to C in 2028.

For existing homes, we will work with shared owners to help them upgrade their home to a minimum EPC rating of D by 2022, and of C by 2028, with provision of advice, proven products, and finance.

Energy efficiency

Your ReSI Home will invest in high-quality new build properties which must meet the latest environmental requirements, leading to energy efficiency and reducing carbon intensity.

Homes with high-quality insulation and heating systems will benefit the shared owner (lower energy costs) and the environment (lower emissions).

Net zero carbon goal

Your ReSI Home is committed to the delivery of sustainability and carbon reduction targets. We aim to increase the proportion of homes we deliver annually that meet the Future Homes Standard, which is expected to be implemented by the government for all new homes by 2025.

Our goal is to achieve operational net-zero carbon by 2025. Measures will include fabric first, air source heat pumps, hydrogen grid ready boilers, heat and humidity recovery, and heat networks.

We will work with industry partners to achieve net-zero carbon (including embedded carbon) for all new homes by 2050.

Energy use

Where possible, energy purchased for shared owners within apartment buildings will be sourced from renewables.

Shared owners will be encouraged to use renewable energy providers via engagement with Energy Service Companies committed to renewables.

In larger apartment buildings or wider estates, the Fund will work with developers and providers to explore the feasibility of community heating systems or low carbon heating solutions as an alternative to individual gas boilers.


Properties will be designed to moderate water usage.


We do not develop new homes in flood areas with medium or high risk as recorded by the Environment Agency.


We aim to minimise the impact of development on our countryside by developing at least 60% of our new homes on brownfield sites.