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Living in my Home

Do I need to live or work within the local area?

Some local authorities like to give priority to people who live or work in the area.  Where you do require a local connection this will be clarified within the individual eligibility criteria for the development.

Can I make home improvements?

As a homeowner you are free to decorate and carry out minor works. But if you are planning any major work, including structural changes, you need our written consent so we can make sure everything is safe. 

For more information see Looking after your home.

Please complete and return an Alteration Consent form to apply for consent.

Can I have a pet in my home?

We understand that people’s pets are important to them. Most leases provide that you will need your landlord’s consent to keep a pet in your property.

Please download and complete the relevant permission application form to apply for consent.

Your ReSI Home Pet policy

Can I sublet my home?

In most cases the shared ownership lease does not allow you to sublet the whole of the property. This is because part buy – part rent is designed to help people take a step on to the property ladder.

Can I run a business from my home?

No, your shared ownership lease does not allow you to run a business from your home.

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Paying Rent and updating your information 

How do I pay my rent?

The easiest way to pay your rent is by direct debit, payments are taken automatically so you don’t have to worry about missing a payment. We will tell you in advance if the amount or the date of your direct debit is going to change, and your payment instruction will be automatically updated. 

If you are unable to pay by direct debit please contact us and we will provide the details for you to pay by standing order.

I need to update my Direct debit details.

Please email us on enquiries@yourresihome.co.uk or call 01823 793422

What happens if I fall behind on payments on my Shared Ownership home?

You are contractually required to keep up with all payments on your property (mortgage, rent and service charges).  

If you fall behind on your rent payments or are worried about paying future payments please contact us by email: enquiries@yourresihome.co.uk or call 01823 793422 and we can discuss the options with you. 

For independent advice and support you can contact:

Why does my rent increase?

Under the terms of your lease your rent will be reviewed annually and may increase at that time. You will be notified in writing of any increase.

My details have changed – how do I let you know?

Please complete a contact form and email to enquiries@yourresihome.co.uk

We will confirm with you when we have updated the changes.

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Maintenance and Insurance 

Who is responsible for repairs and maintenance?

As a shared ownership leaseholder you are responsible for all the repairs and maintenance in your home, including major structural works and major repairs. If you live in a flat, the cost of maintaining the structure, fabric of the building and communal areas is met through the service charge. If your home is still under warranty, you will have been provided with contact details for repairs. However, if you experience any difficulties, please let us know and we will be happy to assist if possible.

How do I report snagging issues or building defects?

If your new build property is still under warranty, please report defects and snagging issues via our defects form.

Please contact warranty@yourresihome.co.uk with any issues or queries.

There are new repairing regulations for new leases since 2021. Please see your lease for details.

If your property is out of warranty then it would be your responsibility as the leaseholder to undertake any necessary repairs and maintenance required.

Who is responsible for the boiler?

If it is no longer covered by a warranty from the builder or manufacturer, you are responsible for arranging the servicing and any repairs required to your boiler (Boiler breakdown is not covered by the buildings insurance policy).

If your boiler is beyond economic repair you do not need our permission before arranging for it to be replaced provided that the new boiler is installed in the same place as the existing one. We will need to see copies of the installation paperwork once it is fitted.

Please note: Failure to service your boiler can void the warranty from the builder or manufacturer. You can find details of qualified gas engineers on the official Gas Safe website – www.gassaferegister.co.uk/find-an-engineer.

If you have or suspect a gas leak you should contact the National Gas Emergency Helpline immediately on 0800 111 999.

Who is responsible for building insurance?

Under the terms of your Shared Ownership lease, your Landlord is responsible for building insurance for your house. If you live in a flat the managing agent will insure the building. The building insurance does NOT cover your contents.

The cost of this buildings insurance is recharged to the shared owners usually as part of a service or estate charge. 

It is not possible to have your own buildings insurance policy instead.

How do I make a claim on the buildings Insurance policy?

If you live in a house please contact Your ReSI Home to make a claim.

If you live in a flat the insurance is organised by your managing agent, please refer to your managing agent who will be able to assist.

Who is responsible for contents insurance?

As a shared owner you are responsible for home contents insurance for your personal belongings, including carpets, curtains, soft furnishing, electrical equipment and appliances etc.

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Buying more shares or selling your home

How do I buy more shares in my home?

Buying additional shares in your home is known as staircasing.  You can increase your share in your home at any time following your initial purchase.  The cost of purchasing additional shares is based on the value of your home at the time.  

For more information see our Staircasing guide.

Can I sell my share in my property?

Yes, you can sell your property, but it is important to check your lease and contact Your ReSI Home for further details before instructing a sales agent. 

For more information see our Resales guide

What happens to the price of my home if the market dips?

Property prices may go up or down. Whether you are selling up, or buying more shares, the value of your home is based on its market value at the time.