Looking after
your home 

Alterations and Improvement – want to do works in your home? 

Your home is yours to enjoy and make your own! – Feel free to redecorate.
If you want to make any changes, particularly changing any fixtures, fitting or structural works, you may need to get your Landlord’s permission first.  These changes can impact the value of the property and, if not carried out properly, potentially cause damage so your Landlord, as part owners, will need to consent.

This includes:

  • Structural alterations, such as extensions, conservatories, and loft extensions
  • Replacing kitchens and bathrooms
  • Replacing external doors and windows
  • Replacing boilers and or installing central heating systems
  • Replace or upgrade any electrics
  • Adding solar panels to the roof

If you would like to apply for consent, please download and complete the Alteration consent form.

Repairs and Maintenance 

As a shared ownership leaseholder you are responsible for all the repairs and maintenance in your home, including major structural works and major repairs. If you live in a flat, the cost of maintaining the structure, fabric of the building and communal areas is met through the service charge.

If your new build property is still under warranty , please report defects and snagging issues via our Defects Form.

Please contact warranty@yourresihome.co.uk with any issues or queries.

There are new repairing regulations for new leases since 2021.

Please see your lease for details.

Buildings Insurance 

Under the terms of your shared ownership lease, Your Landlord is responsible for the building’s insurance for your home the cost of which you may be required to contribute to each month – unless you are buying a flat and the insurance is arranged by the freeholder or the management company and paid for through your service charge. 

The policy does not cover your contents. You are responsible for arranging contents insurance to protect your personal belongings, (carpets, curtains, soft furnishing, electrical equipment and appliances etc).