Want to buy more
of your home? 

You can buy more shares to increase the percentage of your property that you own. This is called staircasing. Each time you buy a bigger share of your home it will reduce the rent payment you pay to your Landlord (as they will have a smaller share).

Buying more shares can mean that gradually you can increase your shares to 100% (subject to the terms of your lease) and become the outright owner of your own home.

There are no restrictions on when you can buy, but each step up is set at a minimum of 10%. 

Shared Ownership +

Shared Ownership Plus is a flexible way to build your shares in your home over time. It allows you to purchase smaller shares at a time. You buy an additional 1% of your home each year over a 15 year period at a price fixed from day one, with no extra costs to worry about.